fuck health workers

So I go to get my sinus looked at. There's a huge fucking hole in it from when they ripped the top wisdom tooth out. Now I can't breath through my left nostril and my sense of smell is pretty weak. I finally get to go see a surgeon. I go, listen bud I can only breath through this nose hole. He goes (read this in a mexican accent) it's okay mang, you only need one to breathe through.

Are you fucking serious? He goes well if it's that big of a deal go see a doctor it's not my problema. Who the fuck? Did you get hired from out front home depot? He also tries to tell me there's nothing he can see that's wrong, as he points at the xtray. IM NOT A SURGEON AND I CAN SEE THE FUCKING HOLE!!! CHRIST

I can't breathe through my left fucking nostril, no thats not okay I swear to god if I was seeing a civilian id be suing some people.

lesson learned

military doctors (all doctors) = poop
Uploaded 08/04/2011
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