Calm Down, Bitches

Take some valeriana to calm down, faggots. 5 blogs about me in less than 10 hours? I understand this section is filled with idiots. I also know that most of them are obsessed with me. I know this GIJoe queer is a dedicated stalker. He's spent so many hours reading my comments and I laughed my ass of reading the compliatons of my verbal masterpieces he made.

To the butt hurt trolls - stop barking at me, you sound like pathetic dogs jumping around behind the fence, trying to take a bite. You can't, because I own your souls and your mind. Like I do with GIJoe's. I know that most of the so-called bloggers don't go to the feature chat. If they did, they would know even more shocking facts about me.

I'm Clark_Kent. Everybody in the comment section knew that. 90% of the commenters were sure that's me. Especially when we commented at the same time and I used to say "I'm a reporter for the Meowly Meowmeow!" I've also made comments saying I'm logging back on my Clark_Kent account and I would make a reply from Clark_Kent under it. GIJoe must've missed it.

I'm Steev0. That's why I got banned a long time ago. UsedCarMan knew I'm Steev0's alt. Other people knew that too. We always showed up at the same time.

I'm  Twidget. I needed a padawan and I chose Twidget. Who would be better than my own account, right?

I'm Dawnthief. After rednote found that out I didn't deny that's me anymore.

I'm Gerald69. Surprised, mang?

I'm Mizuka. Ask memphisT56. He knows I must be Mizuka! He even dedicated his life to finding my other alts. This e-detective sacrificed his mod powers to find my accounts and he even composed a list of them ages ago. And you know who was on it? That's right....

I'm GIJoe! Memphis caught this alt a long time ago. So the guy who's obsessed with me and claims I'm specstorm is my alt.


On a side note, it's amazing how people can get played easily with the alt game. You can't be sure who's who anymore. Remember, I said I'm specstorm MYSELF. So, GIJoe, you were playing my game all along, bitch.

Tyaeda's website wasn't hacked. She invited a backstabbing infiltrator. You all think it was one of the other users. And you think you know my alts. But yesterday I surprised you with another one. Shylilazn is my actual Veteran account. I know about the elinks trick , shit, I even wrote a blog about how to use it. You think I would use ALL my alts to 5star my blogs knowing how to use it? Hell no. So who infiltrated her website? Yes yes, one of the users INVITED by Tyaeda, a "quality blogger."

Surprised again? Good luck figuring out which other blogger is me. I'm among your ranks and there's no way you can tell which of your friends is me  You call me a troll. You're wrong, I'm a master puppeteer. And you're all my puppets.
Uploaded 08/09/2011
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