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flash fiction got deleted.

     Apparently if enough people flag a blog it gets completely deleted from the site.  No reason, no warning.  

     Earlier today I tried my luck at what's called a flash fiction.  I submitted it right before Nekos Nekopolis tripe.  Some where along the line my simple story either offended someone, or pissed of the troll bitch.

     Either way my post has been deleted and can't be recovered because I didn't save it.  What bothers me the most is I put some effort into that post.  It kind of demoralizes one from trying to post another.  Or to even go forward and make a new blog.  

     Honestly was it that bad?  Are some of you that childish that you had to flag it because you don't like the flash fictions?  From the rules I read on this site I did not do anything wrong.  So why did my post get deleted?

     I think I'm done on this blog section for a while.  
viraldarkness Uploaded 08/12/2011
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