TV isnt good for you

So I was reading this poll about how much tv people in America watch and ut was scary, because a typical American watches tv for more than 8 hours a day. Thats the typical American and it means its the average or all peaopl in USA, this means some watch more some less and this isnt right yo, how much can you watch? 8 hours come on, no way someone watches that much tv but facts dont lie, you need to get out more. I dont watch tv almost at all, I like relity shoews and documentaries but 8 hours, thats sutpid. instead if watching stupid show and wasting your time on tv you better read books at least youll be better at writing, tv is a terrible time consumer and its easy to get addicted. I maybe watch tv for half an hour a day and thats usuaully when something funny is on or the news a smart person spends their time better than watching tv for 8 hours a day take care bloggers!
Uploaded 08/13/2011
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