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Neko's Psychologistic Help: Daddy Issues

As a psychologist, I came across many girls with this common mental state. It's caused by the lack of interest from their father. Girls with electra complex (slang term for daddy issues) are ready to do a lot to get her fathers to pay attention to them.


Here are some examples of father-daugher dialogues that can detemine wheter or not you're dealing with daddy issues.

- Dad, I got a new tattoo! It's on my vagina. Do you want to see it?
- Maybe later, honey. Maury is on.

- I'm dating a black guy.
- That's cool.

- I got the crash test dummy job at your company. Now we can spend more time together!
- Yeah, whatever.

If you know someone like this around you, bring them to me an I can help. For a lot of money, that is
MrsNekoJeans Uploaded 08/14/2011
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