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Movie Review, The Silent Scream!


This movie has it all, cold calculating killers, body parts ripped apart, crushed skulls.

What lover of horror wouldn't place this gem at the top of their favorites list?

The good doctor very coolly describes the methods of their destructive capabilities. Now, the killing in this film is not from some crazed maniac, like say in, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, no these killers live amongst us. The pillars of society. I liken them to the Aztec Shaman that would deliciously sacrifice young virgins to appease the Gods.

Here the motivation is similar, however these gruesome murders are carried out to appease the wishes of the host, a sort of self annihilation. How scrumptious! 

If you enjoy gore, as I know most of you do, then watch, The Silent Scream. It will give you nightmares!

Warning not for the light hearted or those who prefer to ignore facts.

Letemdangle Uploaded 08/14/2011
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