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bahahah very cute! <3 XD kyute!! <3

unagiyunagi 3 days ago

dance girl hiroshima fun!!!!!!!

veron3 1 year ago

cool mario bros music overspeed!!!!!!! love perfume me french fan!!!!!!!

veron3 1 year ago

@obvious11 i would like to know tooXD

hugsandkizzez 1 year ago

@kitsunade Oh coolness! Kinda sounds like one I have watched before. Except there was no guy with a bat lol

obvious11 1 year ago

@obvious11 hmmmmm........yeah its really freaky and like the whole time you will be like what the F is going on but then the end makes sense. its like a suspense slash horror anime

kitsunade 1 year ago

@kitsunade hm is it good?

obvious11 1 year ago

@obvious11 oh um is its called paranoia agent. ^_^

kitsunade 1 year ago

@kitsunade 0_o lol!! wat kinda anime was that?

obvious11 1 year ago

GOD! they are so freaking cute!

sailor0blackmoon 1 year ago

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