volcomisnewshit is a complete dumb ass....

My proof: 

I wrote a blog, and this was his comment:

"I'm pretty sure the guy on that youtube is a
hell of a lot smarter than you, Your not
fooling anyone."

This was my reply to his comment:

"1) Why the hell did you use a comma
instead of a period to separate your
sentences? 2) You're. Lern2troll, you
faggy fagton faggot!"

And this was his reply to my reply:

"*seperate. If your going to be a grammar
criticizing nazi faggot like tomlet at
least do it right."

Now, it would be one thing if he was actually trying to troll me.... but I'm sure we all know that he was REALLY trying to be the better grammar nazi here.  Nonetheless...  volcomisnewshit, you need to get your shit together.  "Seperate" is not a word, and never has been a word.  Its always been spelled S-E-P-A-R-A-T-E. 

Now, when Poopy McPooperson has to correct your spelling twice in one blog entry, you must REALLY be retarted.  volcom, you need to go back to shcool.  lawl.
Uploaded 08/21/2011
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