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blog monster: vampire cat


Our last installment of blog-monster featured a notorious river snake, whos named later spawned a youtube sensation known as nyan. This may have been a cute kitten with a catchy tune, but this sinister kitten kills for thrill.

Legend says, a Japanese woman walking at night alone notices a cute little kitty following her home. Thinks nothing of it (like anyone else) and keeps on her way.


She finally gets to her place, and notices the cat inside, staring at her. Feeds it milk, which it doesn't eat. She passes out. About 3am a noise wakes her up. Standing in front of her is a gigantic cat/vampire


It eats the bitch, then transforms into her. The chicks boy friend thinks it's still her, he gets slowly drained of his blood.

Moral of the story? Carry a .22 and shoot stray kittens. It might be a god dammed vamp-cat. Count cat-ula.


Frogbob Uploaded 08/21/2011
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