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rednote67, I'm calling you out!

Ok rednote, Ive been reading through all your comments in the blog section, and I realized that you only have hateful, hurtful, asinine comments to say to people, regardless of who it is.

I have analyzed the situation, and studied your behavioral patterns, and this is my diagnosis:

rednote67... you are suffering from extreme sexual tension, and will die within a few days time if you do not find a way to relieve this hypertension caused by your sexual desires. 


Find yourself 3 or 4 big, beefy black guys right out of prison, and have them shove their thick, rock-hard cocks right up your ass.  This may hurt at the beginning, as I'm sure you know, since youve experienced many black men before, but after a few minutes, your sexual tension will be relieved, and you will be back to your old, friendly self.

And please dont leave a mean comment on this blog... as that will only prove my diagnosis and further prove that you need a big black cock ASAP.  Rednote, Im saying this as a true friend, and Im worried about your health man.  You go on out there and get you that cock.  9 inches of cure equals a week of prevention.  Or something like that.

Good luck, my friend.  :)
iLIKEtoSAYpoop Uploaded 08/22/2011
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