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The Flaggot Returned

My section was calm despite the dramas. The idiot who flagged blogs he didn't like was away. Apparently he's back. It so happens that HunterDad posted a blog not so long ago after his long absence. I guess we all know who the flaggot is. It was this guy who kept writing disgusting comments about his son. I called him a pedophile and he was kind of obsessed with me. I utterly owned his ass a long time ago and he ran away like a bitch. The flagging problem disappeared with him.

HunterDad, you're a disease to my section. Nobody likes a piece of shit who flags blogs. You're a plain nuisance. Why don't you go back to 4chan or wherever you sickos hang out and trade loli pics or make pedobear memes there. Just stay away from the normal people here, okay? Okay

MrsNekoJeans Uploaded 08/24/2011
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