How I learned to love the Neko

   It's pretty simple- I realized that I became uncomfortable around retarded people, people with Downs' Syndrome, those afflicted with poor grammar, spelling, or general writing skills, and that that wasn't fair to the rest of the world.
   After all, couldn't literally millions benefit from my superior intellect and intuition?
   I needed to get past my fears and resentments, which were clearly only holding me back!
   After a short discussion with a few of my close acquaintances here at EBW, it was decided that we should embrace our new freedom, and go to a geeky city to celebrate.
   What better city than my old home, Seattle? There is no geekier city in all the land, and most of the people there would even welcome Neko!!!
   Here is some video of me and my open-minded friends, feeling (And, let's be honest, BEING) superior, and enjoying every geeky minute of it!
   Thanks for reading, and remember- treat Neko as you would a stillbirth; With dignity and peace, but really, there's no need for respect. It's a hunk of dead flesh that means nothing, amirite?



   King, President, VP and CEO of the Brogs.

   150px-Copyright.svg.png2011, Red/Blue productions.   

Uploaded 08/28/2011
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