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Guns for the people

So theres a debate about weather or not the guns should be sold to people. because a lot of hipsters protests against it, thats one of the dumbest ideas america ever had. the country known as the land of the free where having a gun is one of the most important privilages and its been like this throughout centuries here.

how do gangsters get guns? they buy them but do they buy them at shops no. they buy it from a truck with illegal weapons and they dont care for the law wait no they do care cause theyll sell more guns ilegaly now. wow are you that stupid government? the people who need the guns and arent criminals for example like to go hunting or want to protect themselves witch is their RIGHT!!!!!

Im pissed off right now at the ignorant politics who are so dumb its a shame this is happening in america, later bloggers
cutedude Uploaded 08/30/2011
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