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Ok, well, this is partly my fault.  NEVER, and I mean NEVER go to the Philippines UNLESS you take cash with you to exchange.  Did you know that your American credit cards and Bank checks are NOT accepted here?  Here I am, with several decent sized bank accounts and I have NO MONEY.  This is starting to turn into a nightmare, real fast.  Not to mention that I locked myself out of my bank account for 3 days, and Yahoo (good old Yahoo) VoIP services have been locking me out of my VoIP acct so I can't even call my bank.  Also, the internet here is "spotty" at best. 


     On the bright side.... I'm having a great time without access to cash.  I have made some of the best friends anybody could ask for.  I'm also learning a few words of the language.  It sounds so great.  These ppl can cook too!  I so do not want to go back to Iraq... EVER

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