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drawing 2... 2.


Sorry, peeps, but I guess I've been giving you a run for your money in  drawings, due to my blog being flagged. It always happens when neko has a tantrum.

Of course, my latest submissions are quite tame compared to toilet shots and diarrhea splatters. But I'd never deprave you of such masterpieces. Therefore, this re-submit will suffice until my original shows up again later today. Re-commence with your enjoyment!

After Eastside Dave's latest drawing submission, I decided to jump on the bandwagon with more appropriate material to add to this hilarious fiasco.

I hope these fine and spot-on interpretations keep coming - I don't think I've ever lol'd so hard in weeks.

I never realized how disproportionate the eyes were, seriously:


I just figured the sure sign of a basement-dwelling fat ass is being a connoisseur of ice cream and desserts:

Just flyin' around:

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