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Guy drives up to the intercom at the drive through. Voice comes over,

good morning sir, welcome to saint mary's hospital. Would you like to try our vicodin special?
No thank you.
what do you have today?
A broken arm.
Well then you would be interested in our broken arm package, and if you purchase a bottle of any pain killer, it's buy one get one free.
Okay I'll have that please.
Ohhhhh kay, you're total is 3,653.95. Pull up to the second window, the doctor will be out shortly.

HOSPITALS ARE RUN LIKE A FUCKING BUISNESS!!!! This shit needs to stop. What happened to the doctor who comes to your house, and actually fixes the problem, not just throwing meds at you and having you sign a waver. Their so fucking worried about getting sued, and they shouldn't have to.

I saw a elderly woman almost die today at the ER because the idiot receptionist had his thumb up his ass. It was sickening. Get her some care right the fuck now. If that was my mom, id be furious. Health care for civilians is not acceptable.
Frogbob Uploaded 09/02/2011
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