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     If you are counting calories.... STOP.  I know that is contradictory to what every US Doctor will tell you.  They are absolutely clueless.  I have known this for years, but was not sure why until I ran across a website recently.  This nutritionist was in trouble at work.  She could not lose weight, and had to.  So, she put two and two together and figured it all out.  I've wanted to try her menu system out, but have been unable to due to being in a war zone.


     Since I've been in the Philippine Islands for a week on vacation, I've lost 4 Kilos.  What is that, about 10 lbs?  I'm eating like a freaking pig.  Here's the deal.  The US Doctors would have you eat 1 stick of celery 15 times a day for the rest of your life, and that is all.  When you start to gain weight, they would redicule you, saying you're cheating.  It seems right; you're only putting a few ounces into your body, how did you gain 3 lbs?


     Your body went into salvation mode.  It shut down. No metabolism, or very little.  You do not even burn off the water you take in (thus the weight gain).  This is dangerous, both physically, AND mentally.  THIS IS TRUE OF ANY REDUCED CALORIE DIET.


     Ok, so buy rice, buy fresh meats and veggies.  Bake, don't fy.  Put everything on rice, and eat with a spoon.  Use your fork to push your food onto your spoon.  A little exercise is good too, but basically change WHAT you are eating.  You should lose weight.  Any questions?  Find a philippina somewhere and ask them for help. 


     I hope this helps anyone that has gotten discouraged.


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