Cat Scat with Tyaeda and Neko the Bat Lady.

 Unfortunately, the people here at eBaums have not taken a shine to me. I just wanna do my thing yo. Chat about all things cats, how best to manage this wonderful resource and try to scratch out a living for myself. I guess my ideas on cat resource management just doesn't fit into today's society. I could just accept a life raising stinky pigs and big dirty cattle, but I hoped to do it with sweet little kittens. There are some no kill cat farms that seem nice, but they need donations and I want to be self sustaining and environmentally friendly. 
 So far the best chats I had were with the Japanese bat lady, MrsNekojeans, but I think she is mad at me because my daddy hurt her? I don't know what that's suppose to mean, but she got really mad. Tyaeda was very interested in what I had to say. We had a couple of great chats about cats and dogs. She tried to turn me on to some disgusting films from China where they skin animals alive. I couldn't watch them. I did tell her about my method about humanely skinning the animals and how it could replace the Chinese supply. That way animals wouldn't have to needlessly suffer. But, I think she got mad at me too.
 So far here at eBaums, I guess people see cats just for their cuteness and the torture people put them through. I see them as much more than that, but I am alone. 
 So without further adieu, I bid you all farewell!


Uploaded 09/07/2011
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