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The Adventure of Poopy McPooperson Poopenheimer VIII my contest


The Adventure of Poopy McPooperson Poopenheimer VIII


the day started off just like any other i had to poop, but this poop was like no other it had some kind of human excrement that it made it stick to my asshole like a pendulum, i believe they call it a dingle-berry, after fighting with it for 15 minutes i had won the battle looking down into the toilet bowl it seem Beforehand, it looked like velvety-soft rose pedals.  Afterwards, it looked like a bulldog eating mayonnaise

i was very proud of this poop



i got dressed and headed out for my job, i work as a investor so i headed to the New York Stock Exchange, i noticed my stocks were up and i decided i had enough money to make a certain lady the luckiest girl in the world, i bought a ring and got on my computer and i E-proposed to my one and only love strghtjckgrl


and we lived ever so pooply ever after !


fuzzywuzzy666 Uploaded 09/13/2011
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