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The Cannibalist Manifesto


Humanity needs to progress from its current state. We are plagued by the belief that we must exhaust our valuable resources to take care of those who lack the means and drive to take care of themselves, and we can not be held back by such bleeding-heart sentimentality any longer. Society only moves forward as fast as the stumbling of its slowest members. We must ensure that our civilization advances with hastiness and pragmatic efficiency. To do so, I propose that we shed our archaic sense of morality in favor of adopting a cannibalistic system of living.

Why do this? If our scientific studies of nature have shown us anything, it is that evolution is a product of natural selection, survival of the fittest. The application of natural law to our society will propel itself to new, unimaginable heights. We will have effectively taken the reins to our own evolution and use them for the rapid betterment of humanity as a whole.

All food other than humans must be banned. Any attempts at agriculture will be strictly forbidden and penalized with death. This is to ensure that competition between individuals remains crucial in their lives, and therefore perpetuates the improvement of mankind.

Children without severe mental and/or physical defects are NOT to be eaten. This also applies to women whom are pregnant. Such preemptive acts of cannibalism are detrimental to the growth and advancement of society. The age requirement to be potentially consumed will be 18 years. In the time between birth and adulthood, all children are to be taught the ways of the cannibal. They will be conditioned to only look after themselves, trust no one, and to strive to be better than their fellow man out of fear being eaten. This ensures that every individual has the competitive mindset that is required for proper assimilation into cannibal society.

Tribal mentality is not forbidden, but instead encouraged. In order to retain a cohesive sense of community, cannibals are allowed to conglomerate into tribes of varying sizes. Hierarchies may be established within the tribe by dominant cannibals for the sake of fluid dispersion of power. However, those within the tribe can still kill and consume another member only for the sake of obtaining sustenance. An increase in rank or social stature is solely up to the discretion of those in a higher position of tribal authority. Such competition inside the tribe must exist to ensure that said tribe remains strong and capable of competing with other tribes.

All thought that is contrary to the ideals of cannibalism should he heavily discouraged. Such ideas only threaten to return society back to its infantile stage of illogical complacency. Every cannibal will be expected to suppress such ideological discrepancies with appropriate force. We especially must not allow these transgressions to infect the minds of the impressionable youth, as they are the future of cannibal society.

This society will prove to be superior to all others that came before it. Compliance with the natural order of evolution is the only way to properly transcend.

Cannibalism is the way. Cannibalism is the future. Cannibalism forever.

--BFP, a true capita... cannibalist
BFP2 Uploaded 09/14/2011
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