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almost got a Handjob.!!!!


          First of all I'd like to say whatsup to my frenz at eb world.  Ok so it all started yesterday night,  i was feeling down and had no more bud, and was beginning to feel out of it.  Im on my bed at 12:30 watching curb your enthusiasm.  While staaring at the tv, there are millions of thoughts racing in my head, about my future wtf am i doing here, what am i suppose to do in this world, and why the fuck do i have a micropenis!!!!!!.  A year ago i weighed about 280 pounds and i successfully lost 60 pounds in a course of a year.  Im lookin much better than before, but i was really hoping my penis would get bigger if i lost all the weight, sadly it didn't, but atleast it doesn't look like a fat vagina anymore, ( due to all the fat covering the penis).


           Anyways i was thinking abouut how much a loser i am and the only team i can really be happy is when im high,  i look at the cable box for the time and it's 2:40 Am.  Now i start to feel a little aggressive, and angry and i need to get rid of this feeling, by getting high or i will hurt myself or someone else.  So i open m bedroom door and tiptoe to the back door in our house,  i try not to wake up my neighbors to avoid a bullshit conversation, i quietly take my bicycle out from the garage where i used too keepp all my stash.  The first thing i do is ride real fast to the clubs and scope out the drug dealers, i found one guy standing outside with a hat tipped over smoking a cig, i asked him r u good my nigga?  he saidd what u need ? a Im gnna need a oz of pot and i need a sample before i pay u 400 dollers. he says fine.  He rolls up a fat J and hands it to me and tells me to smoke it either inside the club or in the alley, i told him ill be in the alley.  Little did he know i just got a free joint and im almost half a mile away with a free joint.



         So im sitting next to the bay on public becnches and light this bad boy up,  I can feel myself losing touch with reality, all the negative thoughtsh in my head dissappear.  Halfway through a girl walks by and sits next to me.  I smile and give her my cute psycopathic face, and pass her the joint.  She says i never smoke weed before, i said u gtta try it baby.  After a couple of hits this bitxch starts panicing lmao, telling me to call an ambulance because her heart is pounding really hard.  I told her everything gnna be allright and she said hold me, and i did we started kissing and she asks me if i want a handjob,  she reached down my pants and i remebered about my microppenis,  being so timid i got up and went home, and fapped then cried myself to sleep. 

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