culture of instant gratification

I recently ran a survey with my fake facebook account, it's not a fake person it's a character from a cartoon show. It's has a multitude of friends so it was perfect for my little experiment.

Do people take the money and run, or do they look into the future and plan, maybe invest in something that might bring a greater fortune? And how do I ask them in a way they would answer honestly?

I posted a poll on my fake facebook:

What would you rather have:

A.) 20$ every hour for the rest of your life

B.) The ability to turn invisible so long as you can hold your breath

80% answered A, 20% answered B

That many people stupidly chose money over something that no one has? 20 dollars every hour sounds pretty great at first, but think about how much money you could make turning invisible. Let's compare:

20$ every hour for the rest of your life:

There's about 8766 hours in a year. That's only 175 k a year. That's really not that much money! And think in your life time, the value of the dollar will drop, you'll barely survive towards the end. Okay maybe you'll live pretty got-dang decent but really you could do better.

The ability to turn invisible so long as you can hold your breath:

Are you kidding me? The only mother fucker on earth who can turn invisible? Aside from all the illegal ways you could gather heaps of wealth IN ANY COUNTRY, think about charging to come see you, the tv shows the options are endless as well as the money.

Granted it was just a fun little test, I think it proves that people are all about that instant gratification, fast food, fast cars fast women, and quick money.

Thank you and goodnight

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