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Im writing on many sites and witnessed a lot of angry childish trolls but on this website it looks like its a bunch of kids trying to shout the loudest. Its a blogging site and you should write blogs and not about how you are hurt in the butt or who you think is someones alt or other bull, you need to face the facts are you a blogger? then blog. if you keep writing about bullshit drama youre a drama troll. simple as that

rin pasho gijoe letemdangle are all butthurt trolls angry ecause Neko fooled them easily its an obviouus joke but you didnt get ti and felt for it are you gonna post your stupid complaints to the mods for the whole week now? grow up, the mods dont care about your feelings its their job to keep this place running properly not to be your nannys

get a grip, later bloggers
cutedude Uploaded 09/18/2011
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