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when the world is going to end


I haven't looked into it by why do people keep claiming the myan calendar is set the end of the world to 2012. I have a problem to put to these people that I haven't seen answered but maybe someone here can explain it. Christians are responsible for how we keep track of years. All of them are based on Jesus. B.C. is before Christ A.D. is ano domine, the year of our lord. All the years after His death. Myans weren't aware of Christ when they made the calendar so the date won't line up like ours would. Just a thought.

Welp, see you in 2013.

Second and most importantest, I signed my life away till 2015. If my contract doesn't expire until 2015 and the world comes to an end in 2012 does my contract expire? I wonder if that's in the fine print "in the event of an apocalypse contract becomes null and void." LAWL

Good night faggets
Frogbob Uploaded 09/20/2011
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