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We all need to realy think of this, 1st hes muslim and black, and if u think thats racsist and want to defend him cause ur black.... well to bad hes going to screw all blacks over becasue welfare and all the free handouts you "African Americans" get. We all need to rember hes a liberal and we all know liberals are pussies.

So lets say Barack Husain OhBombUs wins the precidency.... The usa will be pushed over as a joke and maybe we will get attaked by terrorist. Then Husain is just gonna sit there with his liberal ass and do nothing.

Oh and by the way we all know our troops should leave Iraq but befor we do lets finsh em off befor we do. And one more this every canadate  running forpresident wants the troops out. SO fuck Obama and Hilary, and were just gonna have to stick with Mr.Cocain, john mcCain.

joeysawicki Uploaded 07/31/2008
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