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The Most Exclusive Group On Ebaumsworld

Ohayou, guys! As many of you probably know, me and Gyps decided to make a group for verified Baumshells of exceptional beauty. This means that the members are not only verified Baumshells, but also have to be gorgeous. To determine this, me and Gyps are going to evaluate the beautiful female users that want to apply. To get an invitation to this prominent group, you will need to pass the appearance, clothing and make-up test. The judges will be me and Gyps.

For now we've decided to invite Katinka and Paranoiiid.

If you want to apply, the easiest way would be to contact one of us via meebo or pm and get on cam in live chat. This way we can evaluate your beauty. Make sure you wear fancy designer clothes (unless it's Nekkid Sunday)

MrsNekoJeans Uploaded 09/21/2011
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