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No Money

The twisting pain worms the worn tissue fraying the veins as the necrosis holes up in the heart.
Drips from the precipice diagonally watching the fallen as they bleed in the filthy street.
Beat heart beat cause you can't compete with the up tilted faces who's empty face contain no traces of caring.
Sitting in a kitchen staring out a window oblivious to the hired gun stuck in my face.
Unable to get up and face this demon, in the rain is the place I hide.
Blurry motions come and went who the hell got sent here cause I can't find them anywhere.
Given for the zits the clear fits in the weird place where my mind lurks.
Can't make sense of this fucking life must be out of my mind wandering from person to person scared of the truth and my morality.
A whole room full of the best therapist couldn't understand me.
My brain is on tap and I got no money for the drink.
BigBlueSnake Uploaded 09/21/2011
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