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Nothing Left To Hurt It

Heaven is coming, block the doors with your cracked spines.

Grab the guns, heave the pitch forks, throw up your last meal.

The time is nigh for us to squeal "bloody murder".

Fire blooms at your doorstep, evil eyes glint across the threshold.

Even Death has ITS lies.

Hiding does no good, IT will break open your chest and squeeze your heart till there is nothing left to

hurt IT with.

Your pain is ITS pleasure and your suffering ITS life.

Take no time to tame IT, it will do no good.

Have faith that IT won't grab you.

Be hopeful in the fact that at the end, a new beginning will flower and take root in solid bedrock.

And even Death will be powerless to burn the garden that will grow in your heart.
BigBlueSnake Uploaded 09/23/2011
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