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    Wanted to do somethingfor my girlfriends birth-day/our 3year anniversary so I stared to well .....some manscaping with a small cordless buzz my dick and balls an ass, not the best idea I have had by not going and reading the best way to do it, I cut myself a few times and did not get it all. I really wish I did not do it. now it just looks sad, all most looks like my junk has mange. Now looking some things up I should of (and you should to)

A) let a professional do it, B) wax, never shave, and C) keep DIY hair-down-there treatments to a trim with a pair of scissors.


   Now it is itchy as hell looks like shit and I don't have anything to put on that could help like baby powder so I will have to put up with this shit for a 2 week or so and I don't no I know i will not be doing this myself next time. I know you are all rolling on the floor laughing your ass off now. Like I said this was the first and last time I think DIY.

themystery Uploaded 09/23/2011
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