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just a lil church girl


why doe every body look past me and when i do a lil thing i get juged no1 in this damn town excpects anything frm me when i first kissed a boy i wuz automattically a slut and every said i slept with him im like wtf tht i wuz fuckin 11 when tht happened now every1 is still suprised when they find out lil things bout me only lik 6 ppl in this town kno i skate and my mom just found out and ive been skateing 4 lik 3 yrs she even bought my first fuckin board and part of tht is mi problem tht ppl dnt kno i skate cuz i never skate infront of ppl except lik 4 ppl but if any1 else finds out im gunna b labled as a lil druggie

fuck this stuiped town


there i fuckin fixed it a lil bit

emocupcake01 Uploaded 07/31/2008
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