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My Hipster Glasses

I have these sweet glasses that make me look even smarter than I am. The problem is - people don't like glasses. This is absurd. I guess they are too conformist to comprehend the clout that comes with wearing glasses. Stupid jocks don't understand me, the blogger of a new generation. I'm far above so many writer wannabes and I'm not bragging now. It's true. They envy me and say that glasses aren't sexy. Go fuck yourselves! They are the cherry on the cake of my beauty.

I got only one like on my new profile pic on facebook. Compared to the 24 I got on the photo I uploaded before, that's messed up. Glasses are trendy! In a non-conformist way. What's wrong with you people? I changed my profile pic back. Stupid conformist douche bags. Note that I complain about people not liking glasses before it's even mainstream

MrsNekoJeans Uploaded 09/28/2011
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