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whats wrong


I've been blogging here probably about 4 years now. I rarely involve my blogs in drama but somethings up. I can't quite put my finger on it but I just feel like it's a calm before a storm. I feel like moderator drama has some shit going on that we don't know about and something big is about to come down.

Bloggers get blogging. Cheer this place up broskies. Fuck the trolls and post some shit. Just open the write a blog button and put whats on your mind. Put all the drama behind us and lets keep on keepin on. If you got writers block then stumble some shit, get the creative juices flowing. Post a childhood memory or some shit I don't know just get some blogs flowing.

I'm fucking tired of seeing the drama blogs holmes, knock that shit off.

Thank you and good night

Frogbob Uploaded 09/29/2011
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