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Flash Fiction

Majrofathead reporting for duty!
As I stated just a few minutes ago I have been busy in RL taking care of business but a friend here reminded me that my duty would be remiss if I did not return and post a new flash fiction.

(Usual disclaimer follows)

For those of you who don't know, flash fiction is a short work or story (usually less than 2000 words) that incorporates keywords provided by me. The  story can be about anything you desire as long as the key words are included.

After reading over the last couple of days blogs this one was almost too easy to pick key words for, but before I provide them, let me ask a favor. Do not take the easy way out on this one, put some time and effort into this one and I believe we can get some truly funny and or epic stories out of this.


Here we go!



Again, please don't take the low road, I really look forward to your submissions


Majorfathead Uploaded 09/30/2011
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