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Shit I guess I shouldn't stay away so long. I feel like a cork has been unplugged! Here is my Flash Fiction entry:

I sit on the sidewalk with an empty gallon water jug cut in half in front of me,  as the rush hour pedestrian traffic goes by I wonder if I am truly invisible. I hope that some anonymous benefactor  will drop some change or cash in my jug but the crowds walk by  and look right at me, nobody sees me. I know I  don't exactly cut a dashing figure with my oversize coat  found in a dumpster and my pants that I got from the Mission but Jesus Christ I exist! 

I haven't had a decent meal or a shower in weeks, not since I was banned from the Mission. Fuck those holier than thou bastards, So what if I didn't want to listen to them preaching at me but instead wanted to get with that sexy little mom and her daughter that were in the space next to me. fuck her too, the little whore she wanted my attention, she was just putting on a show for those god spouting bastards at the mission I just know it.

Sitting here thinking, I  wonder what alternate life I would be living if the voices hadn't started? Where would I be If my faithless wife hadn't left and the prying doctors hadn't tried to turn me stupid with all their drugs?

Well I will show them all! Since I found this revolver with only 2 shots fired out of it I have had this feeling that things are finally going to change! Faceless no more, I'm a moderator now!

Wielding my banhammer  


Majorfathead Uploaded 09/30/2011
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