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Suicidal man on Brooklyn Bridge.


               Hello to all ma friends in Eb world.  So the past week i've been chilling at wall street smoking joints in public, with a I don't give a fuck look on my face.  I decided to join the protest because I saw on the news that there were naked babes walking around and i wanted in on the action.  I saw a couple of titties, but unfortunatly they belonged to some ass smelling hippies.  First off I gotta say there is something about Manhattan that gets me lifted,  as soon as i get off the subway coming from Brooklyn,  I have this cheshire cat grin on my face.  Inside of me feels so alive.. seeing all these beautiful people dressed so nicely so alive going to work conversing, i am in so much awe whenever i goto the city.  I wore my favorite shirt which says free hugs on it, and i love it when random people hug me.  Btw the protesters at wall street.. ima be honest half the people there don't know wtf they are doing lol, after dinner and a fat joint with some hippies i became friends with, i decided to walk the brooklyn bridge and then hop on the train home in bk.  During the pleasant walk i see a man dressed in black with tears on his face, leaning on the edge of the bridge. 

                 At first i thought he was just throwing up or something, but this guy looked pretty out of it.  So when i got near the exit of the bridge i told an officer that i think someone was about to jump off the bridge, and he says don't worry bout it, it happens all the time, and continued eating his gyro sandwhich.  I didnt have much to do that day so i decided to walk back and see if the lil fucker jumped off.  Well he didn't..  but i was in such a cheery and happy mood i wanted to talk to him.  I said whatsup buddy you look troubled, care for a smoke?  As he wiped the tears off his face and that annoying choking sound that happens when u cry alot he ses ok.  I asked him if he was gonne jump off the bridge, (while smoking a spliff),  he replied with a nod , a serious one, i could tell in his mind he wasnt feelin homeostasis.  As we talked he reveals to me that he was gnna kill himself over a woman.  Goddamn it it makes me sick when i see a man ,someone with balls and a dick crying over a woman... wtf is this you cant go find another pussy to fuck, i took the joint from his hand and i said are you fucking kidding me, wake the fuck up romeo.  He said ye your right man im feeling better thanks.  Allright ma man lets get sumtin to eat i saw a cop eating a real good gyro lets go get one of those and find you some pussy.  He says ok so we started walking and he was a lil slow so i was walking like 3 feet ahead of him. 

        I was talking about how much i love weed and started rambling cuz its what i do wen i get stoned .  then i realize its awfully quiet i turn around and nobody is there, i'm like wtf where did he go,  i run to the railing and saw the water disrupted as if someone jumped in.  Right then i realized what happened my insides felt numb, but something inside me clicked,  i became grateful just to be alive and all the things that bothered me didnt mean anything to me anymore.. i felt enlightened.

JimmyChenga Uploaded 10/04/2011
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