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DocH, you'll forever be in our hearts!

Blessed are those who have friends, who have'em without asking.Because you do not ask, do not buy nor sell friendship.Friendship is something you feel!
Blessed are those who suffer for friends, who talk with their eyes.Because a friend don't silence, question or surrender.Friends we just understand!
Blessed are those who keep friends, who give the shoulder to cry on.Because a friend suffer and cry for you.Friends has the whole time in the world to confort!
Blessed are the friends who believe in your truth or show you reality.Because friendship is guidance.Friend is foundation when you are lost!
Blessed are all the rightful friends, the true friends.Because friends are the heirs of real wit.Having friends is the best complicity!
There are people who cry to know that roses have thorns,There are others that smile to know that the thorns have roses!
I cry to know my friend Danny is gonne.I smile to know that someday we'll meet again.
2HCarpinetti Uploaded 10/13/2011
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