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The double standard


       I had a question I was askin many women with no reply back. A simple question. How come women can call men a dick or a prick which is a name for a part of their anatomy but you can't call a woman a cunt? I've asked several women this question never a reply back so I answer! Women are like one of those streets down town one way their way the only way. Like a fixed carnival game that you will never win yet we come back for more cuz they are so fun to play with. If you know you lose comin in it is easier to swallow. So I've made a deal with women don't act like a cunt and I won't call you one. (Women) you gotta screw them in the good way before they screw you in the bad! I like when a woman sucks on my penis. I don't like when they suck on my wallet! I will be hated for this blog.


vikingzombie Uploaded 10/17/2011
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