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Hunter house night 1


From what I can remember because the night was a blurr began with people slowly arriving to the house in the afternoon. I was already drunk by the time people got their so I didnt give a shit. There was this really shallow river that the original 6 of us went down in rafts when we woke up. There were about 30 just sitting around in the yard. We strapped them to the roof of the car and I hung out of the trunk in order to hold them on for a 2 mile drive. We went rafting down the river and THE KING and I had boat races where we would chug our beers and throw it down the river and see whos beer went past a certain spot first. Stupid game but it was fun while we were wasted. That mo fuckah couldnt beat me if he tried. Mad heads continued to show up to the house as the day went on. So any way once everyone got their and the drinking began we decided to take down a tree to make a fire. This seemed like a good idea but it wasnt. We wound up pulling this tree out by its roots At least we had firewood for the next two nights. Imagine 3 drunk kids pulling a tree out of the ground. I digress as we started the evening off creating a bond fire the music turned on and people started getting as drunk if not drunker then the original 6 people. A group of 4 kids ran around yelling
This offended me dont ask why. Finally it got to a point right when we were setting up the civil war table that fuk it no one is gonna say that shit to my face so I threw a empty bottle at soccer star who then decided to throw punches at me. This was the end of my night after words I went upstairs and locked my self in my room.
First though, apparently half of the house went walking around aimlessly looking for me for about 2 hours. When papa shango found me, he was amazed iw as in the house the whole time. I finally outsmarted the shango.
Finally at about 3 am after I took my long nap I woke up to find NASSHOLE in my room but the door was locked. I threw him the fuck out and wars began.
He climbed thru my window and so I pretended to be asleep cause I knew this would happen again so when I saw him I jumped up and he almost fell off the roof onto the grill. Then every one started to bang on my door because everyone wanted the MAYOR to party with them. I decided to be stubborn and didnt go outside. BIG MISTAKE. They broke in so I pushed a cabinet in front of the door and started throwing shit at people thru the top of the door nailing the ninja in the face with some ketchup. He then turned around and unhinged another door for whatever reason he had. The hinges were completely broken The first of many things in that house to break. This ketchup left stains all over the walls and everywhere. I also started to throw shit out the window and nail people sitting outside. This shit included but wasnt limited to 2 vases and a rock from the river which someone decided to put in the room earlier in the night.

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