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One does not simply steal my idea

So I'm a little pissed off.A couple weeks ago when Occupy Wall Street was first getting into the popular eye, I decided to make a parody facebook page called: Occupy Mordor. Well it started out with only like 4 likes in the first week, as of 2 days ago it's been picking up steam. 2 days ago it was 14. Yesterday it topped out at 60. Today it's at 77. I think it's pretty cool. But here's the thing: ever since my page started to become more popular, shit like this started popping up
Granted it's clever shit and I love it. Only problem is that my idea is....IT"S MY FUCKING IDEA....I know I'm being a selfish prick. But it is my idea.
And here it is:
So what did I do? Well, I made another one: They're taking our jobs to Isengard!
Not as clever, but I need something that belongs to me again. Something that is mine. My own. My precious!
In conclusion...I hate the internet
Ashes_Fall Uploaded 10/20/2011
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