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Fuck the System and Lies!

We only live once, and to think this world is so fucked that from very birth we are lied to and integrated into the fucked up society, brainwashed on wrong and right (which is just a one sided fucking opinion) then told that life isnt fare and suffering is normal....WELL FUCK WHO SAYS THAT AND FUCK THE HORSE HE SITS ON!!! ITS ALL BULLSHIT FUCKING FAIRY TALES PULLED OUT OF THE SHIT BAG AND RAMMED UP UR ASSES WITH A HAPPY ENDING BED TIME STORY! Enough is Enough This shit isnt going to change by itself so when the opportunity arrives dont let this shit repeat itself people!! FUCKING NEVER AGAIN SHALL WE BE THE WEAK, THE BLIND AND THE STUPID BECAUS OF SOME FUCKS WHO DECIDED TO FULL EVERYONE FROM BIRTH WHEN NO ONE KNOWS ANY BETTER!
BumfckWorld Uploaded 10/21/2011
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