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A Thought Broken

Escaping my mind is the sanity of my youth
Was is a mythological beast I created
To endure the onslaught of daily stimuli or
Was it attached to my entrails all along?
If it be mammalian creation of imagination
Did it flee in fear of all it saw coming
Or did i slay the monster with human decision?
Should congenital have been its origin
Did it achieve obsoleteness as that of my appendix
Or would i have flipped its switch similarly to
Killing the overhead lights in my bedroom?
Shall my quest become reobtaining
The toy of my childhood that seemed to
Tie together my sides
Cinch tightly my appendages
Screw down my cranium
Keep the pump moving
Maintain the heave of my chest
Stop the flow of chemicals that offset the thoughts
That throw off my balance
That destroy my vision
That disrupt my relationships
That infect my personality
That slowly erode my core
This is the tool that would right all the wrongs
That so drive me toward that light
Which is no light at all at the end of my proverbial
cboyd501 Uploaded 10/31/2011
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