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Tips On features, Being Featured, and not being a punk ass whine


  Okay, I haven't blogged in a while and people know that when i tend to blog on this site it's to bitch, and believe me its coming, but for now let me put some advice out there for all the newer users, or hell for the older users who are just starting to get into the idea of uploading.

  Don't quote me on the numbers, but I'm guessing this site gets at least a thousand uploads a day (not including single pictures, and galleries).  It is WAY too much work for the mods of the site to go through all the uploads everyday and make sure that something hasn't already been posted.  Sometimes they catch them, sometimes they don't.

  Which brings me to features, and getting featured.  Understand something (and in this I mean anyone who has never really uploaded, or any noobs to the site reading this for the first time)  You could have found the most amazing video ever discovered.  Jesus Himself would come back from the dead for a second resurrection just to see this video, but if you've only been a member of this site for a month and only uploaded 7 videos, odds are you're not going to get that feature, even if you beat everyone to the upload punch.

  I myself generally will take down an upload if someone comments to me that they uploaded it first, and gives me a link to prove it.  If the upload in question has already been selected to be featured, or is currently featured however it is completely out of my hands.  Once media is featured on this site the only control i have over it is to be able to change the title and the description.

  Now you ask me...  how do I get featured when there are users like yourself with over 2600 uploads and nearly 70 features usually putting up the same stuff I do?  and the answer is simple.  distinguish yourself and get the mods attention.  For me, I think there was a period where I was uploading 20 + videos a day for a couple of months.  I can't count how many times I was the site's number one user (uploader).  I'm going to guess you only really need to do this once to get the mods attention though.

  Another way to get the mods attention is to bring the site a lot of hits...  If you look at my recent uploads you'll notice I've only been averaging 1 feature a month, this is actually more then enough for me because my sex laden galleries generate about 1000 hits every time i upload one.  so if I'm uploading on average 5 galleries every 7 days (and god knows I upload a lot more on the weekend and can safely say I usually put up one a day or more).  i generate 260,000 site hits a year on my galleries alone.  By the way in case you're doign that math that's about enough e-bones to get a $100 gift card ever 30 days WITHOUT a feature.

  kissing up to the mods works too, MacDriedel, PepperPeanut, and USedCarMan are actually great guys to talk too as well.   Having powerful friends never hurt anyone.

  Once you have the Mods attention on the site you STILL can't count on a video or picture or game being featured from you.  I'm just guessing here, but the feature process is normally based on whoever they see it uploaded to first.  I'm going to guess most of those times it's NOT the original poster.

  The first time you see one of your uploads get featured by someone else stings, but it happens.  I can think on easily over 20 times in the last year I've uploaded something that got featured by someone else.  It happens, Man the fuck up, and stop whining.


  Jayride and his "friends" didn't like my feature of the Florida Trooper arresting the Miami Police Officer.  It seems he uploaded his version a full day before I uploaded mine, but didn't notice mine, or obviously tag his right at the time, cause when I searched "Florida trooper arrests Miami police" and got nothing I knew I'd found something that was feature worthy that no one else had posted to the site yet.

  To comment to me AFTER the feature was up on the front page of the site that I should delete my post is a little late.   Like I said, as soon as something is selected for a feature the uploader can no longer delete it.  I'm pretty sure Jayride said the first time he commented he uploaded it first was on page 19 of the comments.

  So to summerize.  if you have 7 uploads and have been a member for a month grow some fucking thick skin you limp wristed pussies, shit is going to happen, and shit will continue to happen even after you are the 15th most subscribed user on the site.  it's the way things work here.  Fuck off, man up, or move on.
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