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swagjacking ass motherfucker.

   Apparently some honky cracker bitch called kawfeepot thought it would be funny to get on ebaumsworld and act like an african american who hates whites. I for one am outraged, I think racism is a disgusting fuckin act and it can only be funny to some angry white motherfucker acting like a black guy. I don't give a fuck how you talk bout those stupid peckerwood honky cracker motherfuckas, but the minute you started acting black is the minute you became and ignant racist fuck your no better than hitler you piece of shit. How could you treat a race so badly as to act like them, crackers are worthless pieces of shit, how could you be so racis and go and act like an african gentleman when your a stupid uneducated cracka?
CrackrockJack Uploaded 11/19/2011
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