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Skyrim Blog For Crazy Canuck

Ohayou, guys! It has come to my attention that this section is dead without me writing my masterpieces, and it's true. There's like 2 or 3 blogs a day now. It was like 20 blogs about me daily when you people whored for my attention. Anywho, Fetismo asked me if he can take over the section, so I agreed. It's officially Fetismo's section now.

Crazy Canuck misses my blogs, so here's my review of Skyrim.

It's awesome.

Like you play with the Dragonborn and kill dragons and like save the land of Skyrim. You absorb dragon souls. Hell yeah! And you can breathe fire and ice and move with amazing speed. Control the weather. Basically, you're a bad ass hero.

I didn't use the fast travel nor the map. The exploring is so kick ass. You never know what you'll gonna find. And there's a lot of cool skills...

Why am I writing this to you morons? It's like 3 people left here
MrsNekoJeans Uploaded 11/22/2011
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