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   Over the past few years, there have been a number of bloggers here who have created original concepts for writing contests. Some of them were very creative and a lot of fun, and quite successful, when you consider how many functionally retarded Neanderthal Butchers of the English Language actually show up in this section.
   In Deference to them, I have brainstormed a new Blog Section competition. It is arguably the most simple one ever, at least according to my rules. But it is far from easy...  And here are said rules:
   Each person who reads this blog must respond in the comments with a mini-blog of their own.
   Sounds simple, right? Well, it is- except for this.
   Your blog must contain a plot, a central character, a problem, and a resolution, preferably in one paragraph.
   This will TRULY separate the men from the boys. If you can write, you can do this. If you can't, well... don't even try- it'll just make you appear more stupid than you already do. (I'm talking to YOU, Fet...)
   Have a good day, and enjoy the winter of my discontent.

rednote67 Uploaded 11/27/2011
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