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Lazy Bastard


I have no patience for lazy people anymore. This is addressed to anyone who is lethargic and leeches off other people. I wrote it as if I'm talking directly to the person, no offense if you're self-motivated. But if you're a lazy bastard, take note...

What the fuck is wrong with you???
Get off your ass, and find something to do
sleep wont meet, the expectations of life
Youre wasting your potential, and I dont think its right

Im not your father, Im only a friend
I see you fuck up again and again
Just try making it, all by your lonesome
Use your balls and your brains, if you still own some

Im gonna make it, I dont know about you
Im one among many, on top with the few

Ive been survivin for awhile now
Getting through this struggle, is what its about

However , you want to stop where you lay
Ive talked too much, when theres nothing to say

artman4444 Uploaded 11/28/2011
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