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"It was twenty six men left in our platoon. The Captain was delirious after ingesting a bad hit of acid and Private Jane was doing her best trying to convince him hurdling himself off the side of the mountain would not end his pain.
" - letemdangle

But it was no use. He jumped taking Jane with him. She screamed the whole way down, but he was singing the theme song to lamb chops.

"Fuck!" The soldiers ran to the mountain side peeking over. "They're done, that's too dangerous to rappel down." "Chins up. Keep it together! Who's the ranking enlisted?" "I am sir!" They all looked at each other. Fucking shit holmes, that's Earl, he doesn't know his hand from his asshole. Then they killed all the terrorists and after private jane was done healing up they all had sex with her. The baby turned out to be a super soldier and went on to single handedly kill the rest of the bad guys, even the ones in africa.


Then Frogbob was made general of the entire world and got awarded for best blog of the year from president neko. He even got a cool gold crown and a shotgun, also some sweet cover alls. Also a lifetime supply of redman chew.

The end.
Uploaded 12/04/2011
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