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Why should you respect your elders? they're a fucking lost cause


What a stupid fucking thing to say. What if my elder is a lying cockbag who gets his jollys off by stealing change from the homeless?
   What have these people done (besides get old; what a fucking feat) to qualify them our undying respect? I want you to sit there 
   and think about the old people in your life. Now, how many of them don't do some annoying shit, like drive 40mph in the fast lane, or shit 

   Not fucking one.

   How many of them have stupid opinions on things and are too stuborn to open their fucking eyes and adapt to the world that is
   no longer 1925?

   All of them.

   Not only are you creating a massive generalization, but you're going around telling everyone that old people are better than them.
   Fuck you, I can play tennis.

   Have some fucking respect for yourself, and learn the difference between a sweet old lady, and the thick-headed useless old
   hag that she is.

seanboy Uploaded 12/13/2011
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