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keep my eye or change career ?

Ok so my eyes are fucked up ! i have to wear RGP lenses (rigid gas permeable) which is a hard contact, or in my words a piece of hard glass in your eye, as much as it bothers me i have to wear them,so i can describe the feeling you get when you first wear them it's like the feeling you get when you brush your hand on a clean glass, but instead of your hand picture the inside of your eye lids rubbing on glass every time you blink, im use to it now! and im kind of a masochist so i kind of like it, but man its expense to keep my eyes, the testing was $350 and the lenses each at $120, which was a bargan at walmart, this other place wanted to charge me $625 for the testing and $150 each for the lenses, if that was the case i would put more thought into losing my left eye which has the stigmatism buying a eye patch and changing careers to a profession Pirate ! fuzzy the pirate does sound interesting lol ! anyone else here have eye problems ??


fuzzywuzzy666 Uploaded 12/14/2011
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