Who really is the whore

It has come to my attention that my poor simple-minded sister has written a blog where she affirms that she thinks soldiers are whores.  This is ironic coming from such an attention whore.  The Wikitionary defines an attention whore as someone who craves attention and is not above soliciting it via deliberately meaningless or provocative tactics.

Does my sister do that?  The answer is yes.  There is no doubt that MrsNekoJeans is nothing more than a two bit attention whore.  Just look at the blogs that she writes.  She tries to tell you how to be great like she is.  She throws out flamboyant statements.  Just like when she said that cadets get anally raped in the showers.  Yet, the only time she has been in a shower is when it rained while she was walking home.

Dear sister, stop your shit.  Not very many people like you.  Mom, dad, and me included.  Take the time to realize it.  You would better serve society as a mime.  Make that a mime that cannot read or write.

Uploaded 12/14/2011
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